About Us

Hi! I am Hiti Bansal, founder of Blogery, an ultimate blogging platform that unlocks youth’s voice. This website will entertain youth’s opinions on both interesting and alarming topics like sustainable development, current affairs, literature, book reviews, leadership, sciences, technology and much more. In this society, the most innovative and revolutionary ideas and opinions about any topic or event are put forth by the youth but they often get neglected and do not get the same respect from the people. I am happy to launch this youth voicing platform which is of the youth, for the youth by the youth. Informative podcasts will also be conducted by blogery with young people to know their perspectives and also with some experienced people who can guide youth about certain youth-concerned topics. We will try our best to give the best possible quality of content and we hope that our readers enjoy reading it. Have a good writing and reading experience!!

“Description begins in the writer’s imagination and should end in the reader’s.” – Stephen King