Monday Blues

Maybe this day is not

One of your favourites, but

Never forget that every

Day you wake up to an

Amazing gift and it’s up to

You to make it count.

Ahhh…………’s Monday again!!! ‘Monday Blues’ refers to the pasimistic emotions which we have on a Monday morning when we realise that the weekend over. Hey, readers! Just recall the recent Monday start. How was it? Undoubtedly, it was the biggest day of the week and if not, you are a bookworm. Not only We, the children, but the parents who come every Monday morning to wake us upto make us realise that weekend is over also feel Monday blues. For the whole working week, we wait for the last two days and this means that Friday is the day on which the work seems the most engrossing because we know that the next two days are hols. Our body becomes habitual to ease up in these two days and the next day, we grudge to work. We miss slumbering, late night movies and no work. “If you don’t like what you do and are going through mundane motions Monday through Friday, of course Monday hangs over your head all weekend like a wet blanket.”

Monday Coffee

Sometimes people find it difficult to stay up all day on Monday

and drink coffee all day to stay up. “May their coffee be stronger and Monday shorter!” Drinking coffee all night won’t help we must try to make the day more engaging and should look forward towards some exciting tasks. Ultimately, a large caffine intake will lead to unfavourable circumstances at the end. Some people prefer to sleep whenever they get time during the day on Monday and some school going children or working people are also seen sleeping during the working hours of the day. Sleeping during work won’t help it would actually make zero production and your day would be a sheer waste. One must try to motive oneself to work and try to find positivity and advantageous aspects of the work and then observe we won’t sleep until to finish that up.Some school going children leave their homework for the other day on Monday because they find everything monotonous. Ideally, they should complete the given work on the day on which it is assigned by keeping the pros of doing it in mind and also to show active participation in the next lecture because if they don’t do that then they will overburdened the next day.

Monday can also be taken as an optimistic start. The fresh start to a new week. Monday also brings us good vibes. It gives us the motivation to be magnificent sunflower.”Keep calm Monday vibes are here.” One mus concentrate more on work or on studies on Monday.We meet our friends after two long days, so we shall welcome happiness happily. We can beat up Monday blues by staying motivated. One must get up early on Monday and exercise well so that we stay zestful all week. One must try to start something next on every Monday and should try to accomplish it according to the finishing goal set. Put yourself together and at the top of your every single day at the top of your TO-DO-LIST. Keep your work a priority and the rest will fall into place. Mondays propel us towards success and happiness. “Believe that you will be successful in all that you do this week… Have confidence and set your goals!

YES…… You have got this!”


Happy Monday!

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