I recently saw a really nice and interesting movie named “Yes Day” on Netflix . In the beginning the parents of Katie, Nando, and Ellie used to be very exciting and never said no to anything till they did not have any kids. After having kids saying YES became very rare for Carlos and Allison.Their children used to be very naughty . The children even used to think their parents were very boring. But actually it was not so , they did everything for their children’s safety. Katie was the eldest child , Nando was the middle child and Ellie was the middle child. Neither of them was ever interested in studying . One day Nando was caught playing one of the memes of his parents quarrelling ,on the school PC.
The parents were then invited to come to school, the teacher asked Carlos and Allison to control their child’s actions .Both of them were really freaked out. On the way back, near the school mess they met a chef; he suggested that they give their children a YES DAY, on which they should agree to everything their children ask them to do. When they reached home they told their children about the YES DAY scheme, the children happily agreed and they hoped the things would soon get settled.
Now it was YES DAY, everyone was very excited. The kids started their day with a fun ice cream breakfast, defying the usual rules about healthy eating. Further,  they have a water balloon fight at a car wash, turning a mundane chore into a playful activity. The family then visited an amusement park, where they enjoyed various rides and attractions, the children made themselves along with their parents’ experience some scary rides, roller coasters, which they’d never have done on a normal visit .The kids then challenged their parents to the Kapur Koozie Challenge, an extreme scavenger hunt at a theme park, leading to hilarious and adventurous situations. This was not enough, the family then donned funny outfits and wild makeovers, embracing a carefree and fun spirit. On kids’ demand, the family also went through a Drive-Through Car Wash in a Convertible which resulted in them getting soaked, but it added to the day’s excitement and spontaneity. The family also engaged in a neighbourhood-wide game of capture the flag, involving both kids and adults in a competitive and fun activity.
A YES DAY in my life would also wonders, well I am going to rush to my parents tomorrow requesting for me. If I get one I will do makeup of my parents and ask for a trip to icecream land. I’d also go skydiving, scuba diving, go shopping  and what not. Oh my gosh, I just can’t wait for my YES DAY to come!!

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