Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Ayo Potterheads,

As I sit down to pen my thoughts on the events that unfolded during my fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I cannot help but be filled with a mixture of awe, fear, and pride. The Triwizard Tournament, which was meant to be a source of excitement and entertainment, turned into a harrowing experience for my best friend Harry Potter.

The anticipation and thrill surrounding the Triwizard Tournament were palpable. I remember the flutter in my stomach as I watched the enchanted Goblet of Fire spit out Harry’s name, yeah true it was a huge rush of jealousy. The sense of injustice and confusion hung heavy in the air, as Harry, Hermione, and I struggled to comprehend how his name ended up in that goblet.

The first round was eye opening for me. As I saw Harry battle with the Hungarian Horntail, I realised my utmost fault in starting a fight with him when he needed me the most. I felt so humiliated by my actions and made it my priority to apologise to Harry as soon as he returns to the ground safely.

My friends’ patience with me was again tested as the tournament progressed. The emergence of the Yule Ball brought with it a flurry of emotions, stirring feelings of jealousy and insecurity. My personal prejudice against Viktor Krum certainly clouded my judgement and strained our friendship. Yet, we somehow made it through.

And as usual Draco was being an obnoxious bully,circulating badges that said “ Potter Stinks” around Hogwarts. We had a lovely addition to the school year: Rita Skeeter. This woman was very much fond of publishing dirt about Harry and Hermione. She made Hermoine the centre of so much hate and later in the book wrote such blatant lies about Harry. But in the end she was certainly taught the perfect lesson.

With the third round the tournament had taken a sinister turn. Diggory was dead, Voldemort was back, Mad Eye Moody was in fact Barty Crouch Jr. The whole Hogwarts was set up in a flurry; nobody wanted to believe Harry. Even Cornelius Fudge dismissed Harry’s claim of Voldemort being back as a cock and bull story.

As I reflect on those tumultuous events, I realise that our journey during the Goblet of Fire was not just about surviving the perils of the Triwizard Tournament; it was about understanding the power of solidarity, the fragility of trust, and the inevitability of facing darkness in the pursuit of light.

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