Factual v/s Fantasy Books

What Are Fantasy Books?

Fantasy is basically the genre that typically has no basis in scientific fact or speculation.These use fiction and imaginative stuff like magic, disney characters and much more. Not only this but sometimes living or non-living organisms are also presented as real characters . These books are interesting to read and grab readers interests.

Famous Fantasy Books

What Are Factual Books?

Factual books are actually books which do not even have mere fiction but whole reality. They are all about facts and explorations to read about. These books may present historical events, moral values, or may be some specific area of interests. These books are usually liked by people who are keen to learn and develop skills.

Famous Factual Books

Age Based Book Selection

Fantasy books are full of fiction and are liked by young children who lie in the age of 5-12 but undoubtedly we can say that anyone who starts reading them can’t resist to stop reading them. On the other hand, factual books are full of facts, events, skills and inventions and are liked by people falling in age of 13-70. Every adult or an old person would like to read a factual book. Reason behind this is that no one wants to leave a chance to add up something to one’s knowledge and it is possible that after a certain age that a fantasy book is no more fun to read.

Teenage Interests

Every single person in this world has a mind which is unique to other’s minds. Something like this has only been observed when it comes to the mind and likings of a teenager. If there’s a teenager like me who loves to find a mystery or story in a book with a really catchy title then the person must go with a fantasy book, a lot of fiction, many beautifully molded stories would be encountered on the way. If there’s a teenager who finds all this fiction kiddish stuff and always looks forward to something productive to read or something that adds up to knowledge then the person must go for factual books.

My Get, Set, Go Mantra..

What-so-ever book you choose to read, you should choose with your high enthusiasm and a strategy. On an initial reading stage it is always a better option to go with fantasy books to develop interest, slowly and steadily moving towards factual books is a good option to broaden thinking power and add up bits to our knowledge. After, you figure out the perfect books and get it then set a goal to finish it and finally go ahead to read it and tis the show.

Buck up

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“Books are the only things you buy to make yourself richer”

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