Ace a perfect score in science board exam!

Under guidance and tutelage of
-Ms. Shikha Goyal

Hey dear studious reader, who is crazy about cracking thy dream score in board exams; get excited because this informative, tried, experienced and tested advice from a successful tenth grader under the tutelage of a trained and extravagana tutor of science subject is going to definately fulfill your goal. Before, you start reading this amazing piece of writing promise yourself that you’ll passionatly follow this secret to success. 

How much time to devote to science subject and particulary to each division (physics, chemistry and bio)?

Not bragging anything, but I have always ranked among the top cohort at my school and have always been able to score my target marks in science because I always strategically set my time frame for each divison of science. First thing one must always be mindful about is that one shall give diagonstic for each subject separatly or atleast understand oneselves strong as well as weak portion. You should try to fully understand the concept during assisted sessions i.e during slots at school and the time you study at coaching, this way atleast two hours are already given to the subject. Moreover, atleast 2-3 hours of self study regularly is required to master the subject. You should try to revise the concept taught to you after returning home, so that you don’t get trapped in the problem of short term memory loss. Every weekend time shall be spent to give tests. Later during the year, three hours slots should be taken into consideration, and you shall try to study the subject continously for three hours and give three hours test. 

Which books to study from?

Since, I myself am a CBSE board student so under the guidance of my super trustable mentor I followed the following books for  for successful prepration. NCERT science grade 10, Pardeep’s chemistry book class 10 should be used for chemistry, Pardeep’s physics book for physics and S. Chand for biology. For extra questions Xamidea svience grade 10 should be used and MTG as well.

At the end of the year, like early January, CBSE board releases support material for grade 10 that shall be done very minutely as it is observed that sixty five percent of the paper comes from there. Moreover several sample papers from CBSE board can be practiced. Book from togther with with 15+1  sample papers and rohit’s book for sample papers can be used to practice sample paper. Make sure that you solve all these sample papers very carefully in a single sitting of 3 hours and get it checked to examine your errors and then work towards correcting them. Notes from coaching/tution should also be till the inner layer of the brain. 

How to immaculately answer the questions in the final exam?

It is a fact that the way we train our brain i.e the way we practice throughout the year similar is reflected on the answer sheet. The most successful technique followed my me and and my peers and suggested by my mentor was to first understand the concept, then learn the exact answer from some reference books like Xamidea grade 10 science etc. This shall be followed by practicing time bound mocks for all the chapters separately, make sure all the mocks are given after proper revisions otherwise it’s a waste of time. You shall also underline the important points in every answer and draw diagrams traced with pencil for each question. When you will inculcate this habit, it will automatically fit in your duration to complete the exam and you will effectively be able to write answers on the answer sheet. 

Science is all around as and is a subject which you should skillfully understand; once you take interest in the subject and spend time understanding it and solving questions you attain success yourself. There is no such ambiguity in the way of mastering the subject, it just requires time and flawless practice. I hope this informative blog helps you ace a perfect score. 

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